Oyster Boy

Here, the oyster is our world.

At Oyster Boy, we eat, live and breathe oysters. We love their hard shells, their smooth taste and that the un-class-conscious way they make themselves at home in a rowdy pub or a black tie affair. But more than anything, we love to share these magnificent mollusks and all their juicy secrets with the masses!

So make yourself at home and have a look around. Once we’ve sufficiently whetted your appetite, either come on down to Oyster Boy for a taste or pick up a box to enjoy at home. Either way, Oyster Boy is Toronto’s choice for choice oysters.

Check out what’s currently being served by downloading a pdf of our menu.

Oyster Boy Dinner menu pdf


Hours of Operation

Sunday: 3:00pm 10:00pm
Monday: 5:00pm 10:00pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 5:00pm 10:00pm
Thursday: 5:00pm 11:00pm
Friday: 5:00pm 11:00pm
Saturday: 3:00pm 11:00pm