We believe that design today should be used to improve the usefulness and aesthetic forms of objects to¬†better serve people’s needs. We believe in the sincere application of the fundamental qualities of good design coupled with creative concepts, an honest use of materials, and exacting proportions.

Our ideology is simple, not to dictate but to inspire you with the freedom to make your own choices, unencumbered by and unconstrained by trends and societal norms, what makes you feel good and sticking to it no matter what.

In a world moving at break-neck speed, it is easy to lose one’s bearing and sense of self. Hence the need to create a space – for solitude, for dreams, and for creative thought. But of more significance, to fill it up with things that actually mean something to you, defining that space as your own. A space to be the person you are rather than the person you ought to be.

We are enthusiastic about our collection of products and want to share our belief and vision for design and living with you.


Hours of Operation

Sunday: 12:00pm 5:00pm
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Tuesday: 11:00am 6:00pm
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Thursday: 11:00am 6:00pm
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