Euclid Farms

Our Story

Euclid Farms is a small-scale urban flower farm and floral studio, located in West Queen West. We grow chemical-free cut flowers from May to November, support other local growers, and import when necessary. We are 100% flower foam-free, recycle our vases as much as possible, and continue to work to reduce our use of plastic with every arrangement and bouquet that we sell. We truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work and we value the input of all staff at Euclid Farms. Five brains are better than one!


Euclid Farms is owned and operated by Shannon Whelan.

Environmental Impact

We think it’s very important working with natural products that we protect our natural world at the same time. We support and shop locally as much as possible, sourcing our flowers from local farms and relying on imports only when necessary. Therefore, reducing our carbon footprint.


Most flower farms use chemicals to force more growth on their plants. These chemicals affect the air that we breathe, and the working conditions for those working with them. Unfortunately, most imported flowers come from lower income countries, where safety regulations are not in place. Workers are not treated fairly, paid well, and are subject to health hazards. In addition to the above, imported flowers need to be flown in from other countries, creating unnecessary carbon emissions.


While importing flowers in January and February is necessary, we always source locally first. In terms of packaging, unfortunately our society has become accustomed to using single-use plastics. All of our packaging is recyclable, reused, or compostable. When a plastic-like barrier is necessary, we work with compostable plant-based variants to ensure that we are never giving our customers things they need to put in the garbage.