Canon Blanc

Official Ambassador of French Awesomeness” is our motto. We are foodies, fashionistas, and yes, french, but in a good way! We like to share our passion for cats, music, homemade recipes and oddities in our monthly newsletter. Oh yeah, and above all, we love digging out for you the most avant-garde young designers from Europe, but you already knew that!

Here you will find exclusive collaborations, limited editions and fashion-forward pieces, handcrafted with love. We support eco-friendly initiatives such as local production (Canada, USA, Europe), natural dyes, organic fabrics, Fair Trade, hypoallergenic jewellery, upcycled materials,… You will find on each product page all the informations about how it was made and who made it. Make sure to stop by our Designers list to read more about each brand’s story and inspirations. Happy visit!



Hours of Operation

Sunday: 12:00pm 5:00pm
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Tuesday: 11:00am 7:00pm
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