Sandro Liberato Artist Page

by Rob Sysak, September 7, 2015
Sandro Liberato

Sandro Liberato

Sandro Liberato


Sandro Liberato began painting at the age of seven and became the youngest member of Sociedade Brasileira de Belas Artes (Brazilian Society of Fine Arts) at the age of 15. The Rio de Janeiro native who resides in Toronto also graduated from the Cartooning/Illustration program at George Brown College and gained recognition as an illustrator with his art work being published in one of Toronto’s daily newspapers. He is also teaching at University of Toronto (UofT) since 2009.

Working with acrylic, pastel, spray, crayons as well as mixed media, Sandro enjoys experimenting with different techniques and materials. Through his paintbrush, the artist brings to life his own experiences and transitions from Brazil to Canada displaying his collection.

Location of Sandro Liberato Planter Art. On Queen between Manning & Palmerston