A Promising Treatment for Eating Disorders

July 5, 2017
CAMH Dr Yuliya Knyahnytska

CAMH Dr Yuliya Knyahnytska

People with severe treatment-resistant anorexia have new hope for recovery thanks to Dr Yuliya Knyahnytska, a clinical fellow with CAMH’s Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention. Eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates of any mental disorder, and there are no medications to treat it. People with anorexia spend much of their time serving their condition, and the disorder is incredibly debilitating. One of Dr. Knyahnytska’s patients says she isn’t living her life; her condition is living her life.

Dr. Knyahnytska is leading an exciting pilot study that involves using deep repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (r TMS). Users wear a helmet with a coil to target the insula-an area of the brain shown to play a significant role in perception, mood, anxiety and feeding behaviour. The helmet’s design enables CAMH researchers to try rTMS for the first time on people with anorexia nervosa.

“Our aim is not just to focus on a patient’s body, but more so on the patient’s mind, giving them an opportunity to ease debilitating intrusive thoughts and behaviours that can take over a person’s life,” explained Dr. Knyahnytska.

Thanks to the support of donors like you, we are able to create hope for those living with treatment-resistant anorexia nervosa.


Amazing work being done at CAMH!

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