Pollinator Paradise

by Rob Sysak, March 20, 2017

Our Bee Hotels are getting BUZZ. 

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Be part of the Pollinator Paradise in West Queen West!

Welcome to Toronto’s very first bee-friendly streetscape. In partnership with Restorative Landscapes, this WQW community project aims to create an edible, bee-friendly streetscape amidst our thriving urban landscape.

How does a Pollinator Paradise Work?

Our planter beds hold a mix of pollinator, edible, and medicinal plants primarily native to Southwestern Ontario. Feel free to pick some herbs and berries to garnish your salad and soothe a sore, but be sure to help preserve the flowers to aid in pollination–the nectar sources of these plants support declining bee and insect life in our area.

Interested in helping out? With your help, here’s how we’ll continue to grow in 2017:

The more community interaction, the better. Stay tuned for this year’s upcoming activities and workshops:

Seed Collection

Bee Hotel Construction Workshop

Learning to Grow Flora in an Urban Landscape

Summer Bee Photo Contest

Learn more/Get involved at: restorativelandscapes.com

Or email us at: web@westqueenwest.ca