De Anne Lamirande

by Rob Sysak, September 5, 2015
De Anne Lamirande

De Anne Lamirande

Artist Bio: De Anne Lamirande

 De Anne started painting at a very young age. In her home there is an oil painting of Black Beauty painted when she was only seven. As a child she would go to work with her Mom on PA days at ‘Bell Canada’ Graphics Department, there she learned how to use a leroy pen, tech pens and her natural abilities started to shine.

At age of nine a drawing she drew of Snoopy was denied permission to be used for a fund raising campaign by her Mom for Leukemia “Come fly with me” buttons by United Artists.

In 1986 De Anne started her first business, and was half owner of ‘Downtown Rehearsals Studios’ on Yonge Street. There was where she painted her first wall lettering job. She enjoyed it so much that she applied for a job at a local sign shop. She did not get the job, but was told to go to George Brown to learn more about signs, and in Sept. 1989 she enrolled in ‘Graphic Sign Design and Production’, a two year program. Earlier that year she took a night course in airbrushed Illustration, there she learn shading and other important airbrush techniques. In September of 1992 she took another course at the TO School of Airbrushing with four other sign graphics classmates. There she learned how to paint t-shirts, leather and from there she was hooked! She received an airbrush job for a Christmas location from a referral from the school just a month after finishing the course. Later she worked with two other small kiosks, all the while with opening her own location in mind.

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Location of De Anne Lamirande Planter Art. Queen Street West between Manning Gore Vale