Crime Prevention Tips & Tools for WQW Business

by Rob Sysak, September 13, 2020

Business Crime Prevention Guide
Laying a Foundation for Prevention. Business owners should take a hard look at their businesses in areas such as physical layout, number of employees, hiring practices, and overall security to determine vulnerability to various kinds of crime, from burglary to internal theft. Once this step has been taken, crime prevention measures can then be implemented


The information below is required by the personnel of your local police division to enable them to locate a responsible representative of your company outside of the usual business hours. Contact will only be made in an emergency situation involving your company

RBC is delighted to collaborate with the Retail Council of Canada to produce this new loss prevention handbook for independent retailers. No matter the size of your business, we know you will find the information contained in this guide to be of tremendous value to you and your staff.

BUSINESS SECURITY Robbery Prevention

Robbery is a crime that targets both people and businesses. Reduce the risk of personal injury and increase the potential of bringing the culprit(s) to justice.


Greet customers as they enter the store – try to make eye contact.