Celebrating individuality at the Suits Me Fine Fashion Show

by Rob Sysak, July 13, 2017



If you haven’t already heard, this CAMH highlight event brought it once again for the 13th year running. In the words of host and fashion icon Jeanne Beker, “positive vibes” were a plenty as clients, staff and members of the community gathered in CAMH’s Sandi and Jim Treliving Gymnasium to celebrate clients proudly taking the stage to strut their stuff.

Selam was all smiles as she walked the runway, Thursday, May 4.

“Year after year the Suits Me Fine team manages to define a theme that really captures the complexity of recovery in a few thoughtful words, and this year is absolutely no exception,” said CAMH President and CEO Dr. Catherine Zahn. “This is me – the title of this year’s show – is a reminder that each one of us is unique. And I can’t think of a better way to honour individuality than by celebrating self-expression through show-stopping fashion!”

Making an impression: Dr. Catherine Zahn introduces Sophie Grégoire Trudeau who shared a few kind words in support of the event to kick things off.

One by one, dozens of clients took to the runway sporting their favourite outfits for a crowd of cheering supporters. With music, smiles and applause accompanying every client’s walk, the feeling of support and encouragement was tangible in the room.

If you weren’t able to attend in person, relive the fashion show in full on CAMH’s Facebook page or watch this year’s highlight reel below:


Suits Me Fine Fashion Show 2017

Who’s having more fun here: Herbert or the audience?

Alison was simply stunning in her red dress from the Suits Me Fine Boutique.

Part-time model, full-time dancer. Adehir busts a move in his fresh blue suit.

Host Jeanne Beker takes a photo of Toshio, one of several Workman Arts models to help design their own outfits

Andrea wore a sparkling gold dress to match her personality.

Merle takes a break from volunteering at the Suits Me Fine Boutique to strut her stuff on the runway.


Click here to learn more about the Suits Me Fine Boutique and how you can donate gently used clothing.