Bruno Smoky Artist Page

by Rob Sysak, September 8, 2015
Bruno Smoky

Bruno Smoky

The artist Bruno , also known as “Smoky”,
dedicated his life to visual art. Since childhood, drawing and creativity was always part of his daily routine. In 2004, he began painting on walls with spraypaint in Brasilandia where he grew up, a precarious neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Smoky has gained international and professional recognition through his artistic journeys though out Brazil, Chile, the Dominican Republic,  Venezuela, Argentina,Paraguay,Sweden,USA, England and Canada. He is always in search of artistic exchanges, learning and teaching art is part of his life style. He has worked in various organizations and NGOs teaching the history of graffiti and its role in society to at risk youth.  He is the coordinator for the Essencia Arts Collective, and a founding member of the Clandestinos Crew. Recently, Smoky has moved to Toronto, Canada together with his wife and artistic collaborator, Shalak, and continues his art practice.

“I do not neglect my roots, my greatest pleasure is to paint in communities, bringing art and  culture to
otherwise forgotten and precarious neighborhoods. I use Graffiti in the context of creating a space to
exhibit my art to society, my themes are full of colors and forms of protest … “

Location of Bruno Smoky Planter Art. On Queen Street W. between Bathurst and Markham St.