A Bite of West Queen West to go Around

by Rob Sysak, August 22, 2016

A Bite of West Queen West to go Around
By Rosie Kristina

Photos by MoiMeme  from Toronto Arts & Culture

Betty Ann Jordan

Betty Ann Jordan

Betty Ann Jordan is a tour guide of the aptly called Culture and Food Walk, which she leads every second Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm of each month in the West Queen West area.

The goal of the tour is to showcase the plentiful arts scene from Bathurst Street to Gladstone area, along Queen street west in what is know as the Art and Design District of Toronto. Participants have a chance to view local architecture, browse independent retailers and sneak a peak at some of the most acclaim art galleries in Toronto!
On August 11th, the tour commenced at Paul Petro Contemporary Art Gallery near Ossington and Queen Street West.

Paul Petro, a well-known curator and artist, established himself over the last 25 years in WQW.  Here, free to the public was the exhibition of Standing Ground II with featured artists that included Stephen Andrews and Paul Petro with pieces from the estates of Wendy Coburn, Will Munro, and Robert Flack.

The next stop on the tour was Hanji Handmade Paper + Gifts owned by Hyun and Catherine Choi. Locals browsed through Korean paper arts collections and inquired about the history of this traditional art form from the owners themselves.



Afterwards, the team headed over to Stuart Jackson Fine Japanese Prints located near Trinity Bellwoods Park. A preview of their upcoming November exhibition was on display showcasing prints of 17th to 19th century woodblock prints.


Also on the circuit were a slew of clothing shops including pop-up Buck’s Hard Goods, Philistine, and Old Faithful. There was something for everyone, from imported goods to vintage clothing to a general store for everyday living.

 A brief historical interlude about Trinity Bellwoods Park followed, where people could survey the bustling park and hear about the legendary white squirrels. The group passed by Rose and Sons Swan, a local eatery by chef Anthony Rose, of Big Crow fame.

 The tour officially concluded with a trip to Graven Feather Studio and Gallery. Everyone headed one floor down which gave way to a gallery and event space. The tour was a great success and those who wanted to continue the fun headed over to Furlough, a resto-bar, for post-tour refreshments and drinks.  The chic vibe lent itself nicely to the light-hearted mood, and many more tours to come.