Tocino Boys

The Tocino Boys are two friends who happen to meet while playing basketball. After graduating college we traveled Central America and Asia learning about street food. One is a cook/food-runner who has worked in fine-dining restaurants all over Toronto. Such restaurants include Sen5es restaurant at the SoHo Hotel, One Restaurant by Mark McEwan and Café Boulud by Daniel Boulud at the Four Seasons Hotel. The other owns Golden Bakeshop Bakery specializing in Filipino Bread and Pastries.

Tocino (To-SEE-no) Tocino is a sweetened cured pork dish that is traditionally served for breakfast in the Philippines. A native delicacy to Filipinos, similar to cured ham, commonly reddish in color and tastes sweet. Some versions of tocino also include chicken and fish .Tocino is also a Spanish word for bacon.


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